Abstract: In order to cope with the changing education system and the evolving new technologies, it is important for a student to identify his field of interest and select his best among the available wide range of courses. Many students opt the courses which are not of their interests as they will not be having much knowledge about the courses of their interests. Most of the students in our society decide their future based on what their elders say or they rely on their friends or their family and does the same course which they had done or doing. There will be no proper guidance for them on choosing their subjects or courses. This project is a part in progress of education towards better course recommendation. We use a machine learning program that asks the client questions, and recommends the better stream based on the skills and academic performance provided. The program also serves as a data collection platform to support the drive for more data on course recommendation.

Keywords: Career recommendation, Machine Learning, Recommendation system, Hybrid approach, Form based.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10809

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