Abstract: Visually disabled people find difficulties detecting obstacles in front of them, during walking in the road, which makes it dangerous. The smart stick comes as a proposed result to enable them to identify the world around. In this paper we propose a result, represented in a smart stick with infrared detector to descry stair- cases and brace of ultrasonic detector to descry any other obstacles in front of the stoner, within a range of four measures. Also, another detector is placed at the bottom of the stick for the sake of avoiding billabongs. Speech advising dispatches and the vibration motor are actuated when any handicap is detected. This proposed system uses the microcontroller bedded system; vibration motor and ISD1932 flash memory. The stick is able of detecting all obstacles in the range 4 cadence during 39 mins and gives a suitable respect communication empowering eyeless to move doubly his normal speed because she/ he feels safe. The smart stick is of low cost, fast response, low power consumption, light weight and capability to fold.

Keywords: Smart Stick, Sensors, Buzzer, Blind, IR sensors, Water sensor, GSM.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114205

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