Abstract: In the Existing System, Relating to Traditional traceability system(TTS) which has certain problems of centralized management, not able to be seen through and difficult or Impossible to understand information, unable to be trust the data, and easy generation of fact or knowledge that are provided or learned information islands. So, To solve the above given TTS problems, In this paper we have designed and developed a traceability system which is based on the blockchain technology for the purpose of storage and query of product information in the supplychain of agricultural products. The power of influence of the characteristics of blockchain are used here because it is decentralization, Interfere with something without permission or so as to cause damage(tamper-proof) and traceability of blockchain technology, the transparency and Able to be believed, convincing of traceability information are increased. Here, We have used a dual storage structure of ‘‘database + blockchain’’ , on-chain and off-chain traceability information is constructed to reduce load pressure of the chain and realize efficient information query. The proposed algorithm is Raft Algorithm, which used to generate the digital signature, this signature is used in the blockchain generation process. Blockchain technology combined with Raft algorithm is proposed to realize the safe sharing of private information in the blockchain network. Here, We know that the Blockchain technology which is combined with cryptography is proposed to realize the safe sharing of private information in the blockchain network. In addition, we have design a Reputation-based smart contract to encourage network nodes to upload traceability data.

Keywords: Blockchain, component, formatting, style, styling, insert

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11821

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