Abstract : The cloud security is one of the important roles in cloud, here we can preserve our data into cloud storage. More and more clients would like to store their data to PCS (public cloud servers) along with the rapid development of cloud computing. Cloud storage services allow users to outsource their data to cloud servers to save local data storage costs. It makes the clients check whether their outsourced data is kept intact without downloading the whole data. In our system we are using checksum Algorithm for our own auditing based on the token generation. Using this key generation technique, we compare the key values from original keys and we can find out the changes in the file. The content will be stored and also encrypted in the cloud server. Here we are using block chain double hashing algorithm for splitting the original file into three different files and to store that files in three different locations in cloud. The Encryption and Decryption Technique are done by using Cryptographic Hashing techniques. Anyone can download the files from the server with file owner permission. At the time of download key will be generated (code based key generation) and it will send to the file owner. We can download that file by using verification key.

Keywords: Data security and privacy, Advance Encryption Standard Technique (AES), Blockchain Technology.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10751

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