Abstract: Cloud computing provides flexible data management and ever-present data access. However, the repository services provided by cloud server is not trusted by customers. The data’s provided by cloud server can be easily stolen by intruders. Searchable encryption could provide the functions of confidentiality protection and privacy-preserving data retrieval, which is an important tool for secure storage. In this paper, we propose an efficient large universe regular language search scheme for the cloud storage, which privacy is preserving and secure against the off-line keyword guessing attack (KGA). A notable highlight of the proposal over other existing schemes is that it supports the regular language encryption and deterministic finite automata (DFA) based data retrieval. The large universe construction ensures the extendibility of the system, in which the symbol set does not need to be predefined. Multiple users are supported in the system, and the user could generate a DFA token using his own private key without interacting with the key generation centre. Furthermore, the concrete scheme is efficient and formally proved secure in standard model. Extensive comparison and simulation show that this scheme has function and performance superior than other schemes.

Keywords: Cloud, Deterministic finite automata, Efficient Regular language, Secure

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8243

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