Abstract: The emergence ofehealth systemshas shown that there is potential for the improvement of quality of healthcare servicedelivery. Health facilities use Health Information Systems (HIS)to make their workflow more efficient as compared to the traditional manual operations.Ehealth systems encompasses all HIS tools and applicationsthat are meant to improve user’s experiences with the service.HIS tools are meant to enhance/improve collaboration amongst healthcare practitioners, facilities administration, commodities management, patient record keeping and hence quick evidence baseddecision-making. This paper investigated user’s perspectives of ehealth in terms of service delivery. It provides the quantitative and qualitative methodology, which comprised of a random sample of key stakeholdersand the use of questionnaire and interviews. The study found that there is a positive user perception on the potential benefits of ehealth systems based on user experiences and expectations.

Keywords:Ehealth,Health Information Systems, Healthcare Quality, Patient Centered.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9908

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