Abstract: This paper presents a simulation based approach to analyse EMI/EMC levels or effect on a vision sensor PCB enclosed in a metallic enclosure. Specifically EMI analysis is done based on radiated emission test, Conducted emission test and ESD test. In this project focus is given to Radiated emission test based on CISPR 25 standard, which is standard to carry out EMI/EMC tests. Apart from electromagnetic tests, thermal analysis of the board is also performed using simulation methods. For simulation purpose ANSYS tools are used here. Proper analysis of Radiated emission and thermal aspects would ensure reliability of the board. EMI effects can lead to failure and misfunctioning of the components, whereas thermal effects can lead to failure of interconnects and increasing overall temperature of the environment.

Keywords: Electromagnetic interference(EMI), ANSYS, CISPR 25, Thermal, Radiated emission, Conducted emission, ESD.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.116103

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