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Abstract: All around the world, domestic birds are a major threat in the field of agriculture causing damage to economic field crops, storage houses and also dirtying human life areas. Such most common pest birds in many countries are House crows (Corvus), Common myna, Jungle myna, Brahminy starling, White-cheeked bulbul, Acridotterestritis etc. In order to distract these birds away, many traditional methods such as Scarecrow models, Hawk kites, Colored lights, Flashes, Chemicals etc. are used which nowadays do not seem very effective. In addition to this some of these methods can be harmful to the birds. In this paper an effective bird deterrent technique i.e., Bird Scarer has been developed. Different sounds and visuals due to which different species of birds get deterred were also noticed and studied. Unlike other projects, our project includes a variety of techniques suitable for small as well as large areas.

Keywords: Pest Bird repeller, infrasound, flash, moving wand, laser.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10604

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