Abstract: This paper is based on an in-depth analysis of a gaming system and how it is beneficial to the young generation for solving different problems and uplifting Indian ethos. The system is a game application that utilizes the concept of the periodic table of chemistry. Keeping the interests of children in mind, we have designed this system that is based on the concept of the periodic table of chemistry. Each level represents an element of the periodic table and the properties of the elements are utilized to generate a solution for a given problem. The game has four steps: (i) Storytelling that emphasizes Indian ethos, (ii) Play and complete a specific level, (iii) Attempt and pass the MCQ. Thus, the objective of our research work is to enable the youth to gain knowledge in the specific field by playing this educational game.

Keywords: Game, Knowledge, Storytelling, MCQ, Ethos, Chemistry Periodic table.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11355

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