Abstract: The author is developing an ECG monitoring device that can be used by non-technical users in need of health monitoring and is integrated with a broader internet-of-things is being taken to a greater extent. Along with ECG monitoring it also sends the GPS location to the medical experts so that in case of urgent medical assistance the same can be reached out as soon as possible. The techniques used here are using discrete electronic components and a custom PCB. The live data can be received from the patient's body and will be transmitted at the health care where the GPS location of the patient can be traced by the doctor. We gave a thought to build this device so that the data collection can be stored at the doctor's end and it can also provide urgent medical attention without which patients can have fatal incidence. There are many similar devices in the market but ours is the cheapest ensuring even the common people can afford it. It aims to be used by the people in areas where medical assistance may not be readily available.

Keywords: Wireless ECG monitoring system, Wearable monitoring system, Bluetooth modem, USB, GPS tracker, android phone

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8536

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