Abstract: Music is an important entertainment medium. With the advancement of technology, the optimization of manual work has gained a lot of attention. Currently, many traditional music players require songs to be manually selected and organized. Users need to create and update a play-list for every mood, which is time-consuming. Some of the music players have advanced features like providing lyrics and recommending similar songs supported the singer or genre. Although some of these features are enjoyable for the user, there is room to improve in the field of automation when it comes to music players. Selecting songs automatically and organizing these supported the user’s mood gives user’s a far better experience. This can be accomplished through the system reacting to the user’s emotion, saving time that might are spent entering information manually. Emotions are often expressed through gestures, speech, facial expressions, etc. For the system to understand a user’s mood, we use facial expressions. Using the mobile device’s camera, we will capture the user’s countenance.

Keywords: Music, Emotions, Music Players, Users, Songs.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10595

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