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Abstract: Biomedical images such as endoscopic images, retina, MRI, X-ray plays important role in the analysis and diagnosis of the internal body structure. Endoscopic image is used during pregnancy, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, spinal surgery etc. to examine internal body structure. Endoscopic images are corrupted with various types of noise. The noisy image results into inaccurate diagnosis and thus the endoscopic image denoising is essential. In this paper a method known as blind denoising has been used to improve the visual quality of the images. In the proposed method we first estimate the noise level in the image obtained. Now having known the noise level we apply BM3D algorithm to denoise the endoscopic image. By the proposed method it is found that the PSNR of the test image is improved. The enhanced image will help the doctors for accurate diagnosis.

Keywords: Blind denoising, noise level estimation, BM3D.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7560

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