Abstract: According to the research, employee training aimed at raising awareness of the importance of preserving the organization's sensitive data is ineffective.Furthermore, popular third-party cloud services make it much more difficult for employees to safeguard their company's secrets. As a result of this critical issue, a considerable market for software products that enable endpoint data security for these businesses has emerged. Endpoint protection platform (EPP), a conventional, negative endpoint protection strategy, and endpoint detection and response, a novel, positive endpoint protection method, will be discussed in our research (EDR). There will also be a comparison and evaluation of EPP and EDR in terms of mechanism and effectiveness.The study will also look at the benefits, flaws, and critical characteristics that a good security programme should have. The goal of this paper is to help small and large businesses better comprehend insider dangers in today's fast evolving internet, which is full with potential threats and attacks. This will also help businesses gain a better understanding of their employees' endpoints, allowing them to prevent data leaks in the future. It will also assist careless users in understanding the gravity of the problem they are facing and how they should protect their privacy while surfing the Internet while connected to the company's network.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11517

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