Abstract: Updates for the apps are frequently released nowadays. Therefore, users must have a very smooth experience of updating the app. The aim is to develop an independent SDK that can be easily integrated with any iOS applications. This paper proposes “App Upgrade SDK” that is developed for iOS applications which ensures that the user is notified if there is an update available in the app store and directs the user to the app store if he/she decides to update. In this SDK, three APIs are integrated – one is for checking updates and presenting the user with an update screen, the second is for handling the blocker logic, and the third is for presenting the new features after the app is opened for the first time after updating. These APIs are integrated with app UI using MVVM architecture. MVVM is used to ensure the scalability of the SDK. Fetching the latest version and minimum OS compatibility for the latest version is a challenge. AppUpgrade SDK provides the easiest way to fetch the latest version of the app from Appstore every 24 hours. AppUpgrade SDK is also made customizable according to the developer’s needs. This AppUpgrade SDK can be directly integrated with any iOS application as a development pod.

Keywords: AppUpgrade SDK, Software Development Kit (SDK), Protocol, Delegate, View Controller, iOS applications, Model-View-View model (MVVM) architecture.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11782

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