Abstract: Any organization's success depends on efficient project management. However, it often runs into problems brought on by poor teamwork and communication, which produces subpar outcomes and inefficiency. Web-based project tracking applications have appeared to address these issues, providing user-friendly interfaces and a wealth of capabilities to increase productivity, organization, and efficiency. This study explores the possible benefits of using online project tracking technologies to enhance project management procedures. It examines the main features and advantages of these technologies, including responsive design, work delegation, real-time updates, and progress tracking. The research also looks at how these technologies affect user involvement, project results, and decision-making. The results show that using web-based project tracking tools may better decision-making, increase user involvement, and improve project outcomes, particularly for remote teams. By adding to the project management literature, this study helps firms looking to use technology to improve their project management processes by offering insightful information.

Keywords: project management, collaboration, efficiency, Real- time updates, Task, allocation, Progress, tracking, Responsive design, Project Outcomes, User-engagement, Decision-making, Remote teams.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12714

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