Abstract: In this project our main motto is to create the students ERP(Enterprise resource planning) system. Now a days it’s very difficult to manage all the record and also difficult to analyse all the record in any department .A manual work is very lengthy and time consuming for entire departments. So for that needs of central system is arising which gives the effective and efficient result within a few time. All departments can access the data with the system and also they can perform a desire task. With that all the data can easily manipulate and get easily whenever anybody wants.The objective of this paper was to propose a design of ERP for college management system which provides a simple interface for maintenance of different student, department, faculties, library and other information. It can manage daily activities of college which include the management of Employees, Students, Books and Library Records, Parents details, Assignments, Admission Process, Results and Reports, Exams, Events, Attendance, Timetable, Fees and Other Report. It uses C4.5 algorithm to analyse student based on their performance and placement prediction of student.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10536

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