Abstract: We have been living in the modern technology of the world where all the data and the resource comes us in the online mode rather it is personal data or any information notice and so on as nowadays all the information are available online there are large number of user who are accessing it among some of them uses the information for gaining the knowledge and some think how to destroy or steal the data which are present in the website or database without any knowledge of the owner of the website.

This paper purpose is that how the data has been stolen by someone itsknow as hacking who are those hackers , what code conduct of ethical hacker and need of them. As we can see that the state security on the internet is very poor hacking is the activity in which the person exploits the weakness in the system for the profit of themselves. The public and the private organization migrates the function applications such as marketing, commerce and database which are access on the internet. This paper describes about the attacks of the hacking and what is the ethical hacking and impact of ethical hacking.

Keywords: Ethical hacking, hacking, hackers, risk management

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125226

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