Abstract:  An emergency is an unexpected happening that needed immediate intervention due to its degree of threat. A vehicle breakdown is a specific emergency that has caused vehicle owners and travelers frustrated moments, especially when it happened in an unfamiliar location.

Furthermore, access to competent vehicle technicians and other related services is limited and can be worsened by language barriers and unfamiliar areas. In such situations locating nearby electric vehicle spare parts/service shop becomes important. The application solves this problem by providing users to ability to search for nearby service/spare part shop so that they can get the desired help from them.

Thus it eliminates the risk of disaster and provides timely help to the user. The system has a user module where in the user can search for nearby shops providing desired service. He can raise a request to get desired service from the team. The second module consists of an admin app which can be used by garages and shops to serve the request. With the help of admin app they can add, edit and update their services and products. Thus our proposed system tries to bridge the gap between user and shops..

Keywords:  Electric Vehicle, Locator, Nearby, Emergency

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12439

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