Abstract: User Experience (UX) is becoming popular as a necessary success factor across many sectors and organizations, including the software development industry such as a workflow management system. This system is important to deal with complex needs of organizations to control and organize their routine processes and to manage it in a better way. To assess the performance and the quality of the workflow system, it is essential to evaluate UX using different criteria as UX tries to fulfil the user’s needs. This research aims to provide a framework to assess the user experience of using workflow management system from multiple perspectives such as (i) Ease of Use, (ii) Ease of Learning, (iii) System Usefulness, (iv) Informational Quality, (v) Interface Quality, and (vi) Overall experience. In addition, the framework validated using real case scenarios to assess the current state of UX for the organization’s workflow systems. The collected responses analysed using different statistical techniques to understand the performance of the proposed model. The results suggested a high level of correlation among evaluation criteria, whereas Cronbach Alpha, and Split-Half Reliability Test shows the excellent performance of the model in evaluating the UX criteria. The research is helpful for the organizations to assess the quality and use of workflow management system from the user's perspective.

Keywords: User Experience, Organization Workflow, User Experience Evaluation, User Experience Criteria.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10203

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