Abstract: In recent years, hand gesture recognition has attracted increasing interest due to its presentations in many different areas such as human-computer interaction, robotics,and computer gaming, automatic sign language interpretation and so on. The exponential progress in mobile technologies has restarted the study of novel human-computer interfaces through which users can control various applications. Gesture recognition methods are able to free the user from specialised devices and are becoming increasingly popular as a major approach for providing the HCI alternatives. With the presence of Wi-Fi allowed devices and infrastructure, Wi-Fi built gesture recognition has newly been suggested to help overcome the restrictions of the earlier systems in addition to permitting users to provide in-air device free input to various applications running on mobile devices. With such a device-free air writing recognition system users can simply input text for virtually reality devices. The device-free air-writing detection ensures the privacy data preserved because it has no access to collect individual complex information such as fingerprint, face. Here, the Wi-Fi signals are used for recognizing gestures. These Wi-Fi based schemes are based on studying the variations in the features of the wireless signals, such as the complete channel state information, caused by human motion.

Keywords: Human Computer Interface, Channel State Information, Wi-Fi, Gesture Recognition

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9113

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