Abstract: Images are usually exposed to noise. Noise is gained while capturing an image, transmission etc. Reduction of noise in image processing is an essential step. Noise removal has a strong influence on the quality of the image processing techniques. Color image processing has various noise removal techniques. Different types of noise needs different types of removal techniques. Various linear and non-linear methods of filtering are being used for noise reduction. Impulse noise reduction by linear filters are prone to blur the edges. Non linear filters have an upper hand in this case. Few other techniques will be NLM filter, Median filter and Mode filter. Salt and pepper noise, Speckle noise and Gaussian noise are to be discussed in this article. Results of various filtering techniques shall be compared and measured in Peak signal noise ratio (PSNR) and Mean square error (MSE).

Keywords: NLM filter, Mode filter, Median filter, Salt and Pepper Noise, Speckle Noise, Gaussian Noise.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11219

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