Abstract: The biometrics is the challenging task for researcher. Biometrics based authentication is just impossible to help us if we don't know what are the requirements. Biometrics authentication must provide the security level, unattended system, Spoofing and Reliability. Among all the modalities FKP broadly explored which has not yet attracted significant attention of researchers. Finger knuckle is user centric contactless and unrestricted access control. We have proposed a novel person identification system that uses knuckle print features extracted by using Radon transform. The knuckle print image has been   viewed as a texture image. The local features from the knuckle print represent the  texture information present in the image in better sense .Radon transform computes the line integral along parallel paths in a certain direction.

Keywords: Finger Biometric, Finger Knuckle Methodology, Pattern Recognition, Finger-vein Identification.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9321

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