Abstract: Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to enable seamless wireless communication between devices in close proximity. This research paper aims to explore the potential applications and advancements of NFC technology across various domains. The paper reviews existing literature, discusses the underlying principles of NFC, and examines its key features and capabilities. Additionally, it investigates the security aspects and challenges associated with NFC implementation. Furthermore, the paper highlights real-world use cases of NFC, including contactless payments, transportation ticketing, and data sharing. The research conducted includes an analysis of NFC's advantages and limitations, as well as a comparison with other wireless technologies. The findings of this study contribute to a deeper understanding of NFC technology and provide valuable insights for researchers, developers, and industry professionals seeking to leverage its benefits.

Keywords: Near Field Communication, NFC, wireless communication, contactless payments, transportation ticketing, data sharing, security, wireless technologies.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12646

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