Abstract: This research papers include the eye direction based safety automated navigation system that implemented for the elderly and physically challenged people. The purpose of this navigation system is to avoid the assist required for the physically challenged people. This systems control the motorized wheelchair navigation depends on the eye pupil detection. By the image processing technique (CNN), the sequential images have been capture via Bluetooth specs glass. The system navigate the user to desired directions such as move towards left, move towards right, move forward and stop. Additionally sensors are fixed in front of wheelchair to detect the objects to avoid the faulty navigation. A centralized wireless detector device is also made available in wheelchair for an emergency purpose. A raspberry pi model B is high speed detection kit controls the whole system. Another technique used in this navigation system speech to text conversion. Speech convert to text and then a connection established to raspberry pi model kit. So the system automatically moves by the users given the instruction.

Keywords: Bluetooth, Motorized Wheelchair, Eye Detection, Safety System, CNN

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8109

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