Abstract: Automated Teller Machines also known as ATM's are widely used nowadays by each and everyone. There is an urgent need for improving security in banking region. Due to tremendous increase in the number of criminals and their activities, the ATM has become insecure. ATM systems today use no more than an access card and PIN for identity verification. The recent progress in biometric identification techniques, including finger printing, retina scanning, and facial recognition has made a great effort to rescue the unsafe situation at the ATM. This project proposes an automatic teller machine security model that would combine a physical access card and electronic facial recognition using Deep Convolutional Neural Network. If this technology becomes widely used, faces would be protected as well as their accounts. Face Verification Link will be generated and sent to user to verify the identity of unauthorized user through some dedicated artificial intelligent agents, for remote certification. However, it obvious that man’s biometric features cannot be replicated, this proposal will go a long way to solve the problem of Account safety making it possible for the actual account owner alone have access to his accounts

Keyword: Deep learning, biometric techniques

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114167

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