Abstract: Ever since the internet was introduced fake news had also grab their hand around it, if we think carefully fake news being around since the old times but now only internet has expanded up the process.in the old times it took days for news to travel across lands but with the help of internet it happens within seconds we can share anything instantly. Social media also plays an important role in this it is a wide spreading and is a matter of serious concern due to ability to cause a lot of social and national damage. The credibility of social media networks is also at stack where the spreading of fake information is prevalent. Our paper review is tackling this by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect if the news is fake or not, we used more than 5 algorithms to get maximum accuracy towards our results, algorithms we used are decision tree, random forest, support vector machine (svm), naive bayes and KNN (k-nearest neighbours) which then show the credibility of news is later shown in percentage

Keywords: Support Vector Machine (SVM), Artificial Intelligence, Naive Based Classifier, Fuzzy Inference, Prediction, Recommendation, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11368

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