Abstract: Online Agriculture Management System is the web application which will help farmers by providing different different kinds agricultural related information and agricultural services in the website. This website will help farmers by providing them a large online market to sell their product. Customer can send a purchase request and they can purchase products through online website. Even farmers can hire working man and they can be updated with the new agricultural developments with articles and blogs module. Admin can post latest updates about agriculture and he can sell agriculture products in the website. Workers can upload their resume and they can view work schedules and after the login they can choose technology and services to the farmers, sellers and farm laborers help them to expand their business and connect them with a wider market. To provide a helping hand to the farmers and farm laborers are improving their lives through the medium of technology Hence the Agricultural sector in the Indian economy is getting better.

Keywords: B2B shop, C2C Shop, Product Based Site, Agricultural Development

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114170

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