Abstract: The key feature of cloud computing is one can access information any place, anywhere, at any time. So basically, cloud computing is subscription-based service where one can obtain network storage space and computer resources for data storage as well as data sharing. Due to high fame of cloud for data storage and sharing, large number of participants gets attracted to it but it leads to issue related to efficiency, Data integrity, privacy and authentication. To overcome these issues, concept of ring signature has been introduced for data sharing amongst large number of users. Ring signatures are used to provide user’s anonymity and signer’s privacy. It allows a data owner to anonymously authenticate the data which can be stored into the cloud or analysis purpose. Yet the most cost consuming certificate verification for public key infrastructure (PKI) setting becomes a bottleneck for this solution to be scalable. Session based ID with ring mechanism helps to implement session based key and access files within a session. Use of ID-based ring signature, removes the need of certificate verification which was done using public key infrastructure, hence reduce cost as well as introduction of forward security, further strengthen this system more. Use of weil pairing, keeps even shorter keys secure and it also requires less processing power. So the motivation of this paper is to propose a secure data reading and sharing scheme using above mentioned scheme.

Keywords: Public Key Infrastructure

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11820

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