Abstract: Driving license system is a very difficult task for the government to monitor.  In this project, all the citizens’ images will be scanned and recorded.  Whenever a citizen crosses the traffic rules, the police can scan his image and can collect penalty/fine from the defaulter. Using this method, the police can track the history of the driver. This biometric based driving license monitoring system is very easy and convenient to monitor. According to ancient Greek scripts BIOMETRICS means study of life.  Biometrics studies commonly include fingerprint, face, iris, voice, signature, and hand geometry recognition and verification. Many other modalities are in various stages of development and assessment. Among these available biometric traits Finger Print proves to be one of the best traits providing good mismatch ratio and also reliable.

The goal of our project is to design and assemble a biometric access control system that uses fingerprint scanning and recognition to authenticate the user. The fingerprint scanning device utilizes serial communication. Upon successful authentication, the user will be allowed to access all the driving related documents safely.

Keywords: Biometrics, Arduino, fingerprint

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9710

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