ABSTRACT: Our project aimed to detect fire by using the image processing technology that will alert people by early detection of fire. As there are many automatic fire alarm systems already existed like the sensor method, that has some limitations and designed to sense fire with the smoke, limited areas. To reduce limitations and to optimize with new technology, the project is proposed. The project is implemented by using Raspberry Pi3 Model B as a central processing unit and to connect the webcam as hardware. Webcam is taken as an input source, which cap-tures the video feed from the surrounding and feeds into the Raspberry Pi. The entire codeis written in pure python language using the open CV library for image processing. The the-oretical parts emphasize more in computer vision, machine learning, image processing, color model, and the working algorithm of the project to detect the fire. The project gives a better understanding of object detection with the computer and the useof these technologies in different forms and uses.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11130

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