Abstract: Internet plays a vital role in exchanging the information through e-mail, chat, etc. Users can get the information of advanced services through the creative use of the Information Technology. Regarding to this the patients who met with the accidents, sudden heart attacks or any snakebite to the persons, requires the first aid before reaching hospital for further treatment. For reaching hospital, they need the ambulance service, which provides first aid necessities to the patients. so whenever any problem occurs for persons, ambulance may reach the spot, is delayed in the first aid service, and reaches the hospital too late. Since there is late service given to the person who suffering from a lot without proper treatments. To get all the information at their fingertips to the publics, we have introduced our web application. Our manuscript called “First Aid Info App” is design for the use of patients. Through this, website patients get complete information about first aids that they needed through online. Here through the app patients get all the information regarding the first aids in video format, this app makes user friendly for the users to access the information at their fingertips quickly within time that shows the nearby list of hospital details, navigate to selected hospitals and videos helps to quick understanding and effective.

Keywords: Internet, Information Technology, First aid, video, navigation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9613

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