Abstract— The stated fitness software is made to offer users tailored workout recommendations based on their Body Mass Index (BMI). PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL are all used in the application's development to administer the database .The application starts by gathering user information, such as weight and height, which are utilised to determine BMI. The BMI scale uses a person's height and weight to calculate their body fat percentage. The application computes the BMI using a formula and classifies the user as underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese, among other categories. The application uses SQL queries to retrieve workout recommendations from the database after determining the BMI category. The database includes a selection of exercises that have been grouped depending on how well they work for various BMI categories. Users in the underweight category, for example, would be urged to engage in activities that emphasise muscle mass development, whilst users in the overweight or obese categories might be instructed to do cardio workouts to encourage weight loss. Using HTML and CSS, the programme uses an organised and user-friendly presentation to give the user exercise suggestions. The user can browse the suggested exercises as well as pertinent information like the exercise's length and intensity. The database interaction and backend functionality are handled via the PHP programming language. It takes user input, determines the user's BMI category, pulls workout recommendations from the database, and dynamically generates the user's web pages. Overall, this fitness software gives users an easy and personalised approach to monitor their BMI and get workout recommendations that are catered to their particular requirements and objectives. The programme offers a powerful platform for encouraging health and fitness by fusing PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Keywords— Fitness application, HTML design, CSS style, BMI calculation, Exercise suggestion, Personalized recommendation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12621

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