Abstract: The product is a web-based totally android utility that essentially pursuits at charity via donations which as entire programmed in Java. In this we have used predominant characteristic donate, sell, view holder and so on. A food sharing application is a platform designed to connect people and businesses with surplus meals to the ones in want of meals. The purpose of this application is to reduce meals waste whilst addressing food insecurity and starvation. Customers can submit to be had food items, and other customers can request or declare them. Usual, meals sharing utility goals to create an extra sustainable and equitable food device by using leveraging era to attach food assets with individuals who want them. Via its person-friendly interface and social functions, the meals sharing utility encourages individuals and businesses to come to be more aware about their meals waste habits and promotes sustainable practices. This app is designed to make it clean for users to percentage surplus meals with others in their community, whether it be meals that is approximately to expire, leftovers from a meal. This platform helps to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger by using selling the sharing of extra meals, at the same time as also fostering an experience of network and social responsibility.

Keywords: Android application, Surplus sharing, Food donation, Donor, Hunger relief, Community engagement, Logistics, Social responsibility.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124169

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