Abstract: Food waste has been increasing at an unprecedented rate in recent years, posing a threat to economic growth factors. This has a significant impact on the agricultural processing industries. Because food recycling is a difficult task, we are focusing on food waste in the workplace, weddings, and other events in this project. This web application is used to manage food waste in an efficient manner. People throw away a lot of food every day. As a result, we must address the issue of food waste online. In general, we are automating the food waste process. Food waste is a growing global problem that has negative consequences for the environment, economy, and society. To address this issue, a comprehensive food waste management system is required. This system involves reducing food waste at the source, recovering and redistributing edible food, and diverting non-edible food waste from landfills through composting and anaerobic digestion. The implementation of such a system necessitates collaboration among stakeholders such as governments, businesses, and individuals, as well as the adoption of innovative technologies and policies. We can help alleviate food insecurity and promote social equity by reducing food waste.

Keywords: Leftover Food, Food donation, Unused Food Supply

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12359

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