Abstract: Now a days, demand for horticultural crops greater specifically those bearing end result and plants and decorative functions is increasing in both urban and rural regions in India. Heavy call for decorative and flowering vegetation is discovered in the course of festive seasons and seasons of festivals and melas. A nursery is a place where flowers are propagated and grown to a favored age. typically, the flora involved are for gardening, forestry or conservation biology, instead of agriculture. They consist of retail nurseries, which promote to the majority, wholesale nurseries, which sell handiest to companies such as different nurseries and to commercial gardeners, and personal nurseries, which deliver the wishes of institutions or personal estates. Facts from numerous research reviews and different assets, we observed that many persons desired to shop for plant and get in touch with the nursery directly, but lacked specific statistics approximately the plant life. Additionally, on occasion the vendor has not acquired any technical training because of which customers do not get perfect information about particular plant. Ordinarily, customers do no longer examine plant charges with other keep at same spot and at identical time. Customer support could be very essential to us. Our intention is to make every and every client's buying smoother, given that many plant fans are eager to beautify their homes with a ramification of flowers, they need in order to provide that range to get the preferred plant, you need to go to a few nurseries. So, we decided to create a web website for small plant dealers to promote their plant list to our clients on our internet website. This lets in small plant sellers to sell plants to clients whose flora are listed on our platform. Clients also can reconfirm and pass check the same plant charge with different shopkeepers.

Keywords: Online selling, Flower garden, E-commerce, Nursery, Garden Centre.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115214

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