Abstract: Due to the development of information technology, every enterprise has a lot of data which magnifies the difficulties of selecting the most relevant. Hence, appears the error of measuring too many things. Owning an excessive amount of information will cause to vagueness, the other effect of a measuring system. This phenomenon does not depend on the manager’s ability to compute and communicate, but rather on the ability to provide adequate information, to make good decisions, and to compare results with the planned objectives. These are often done through an interface – Dashboard, which may be a tool that permits the alignment of business processes and methods implementation. Dashboards are quite a set of indicators and graphics, they're found in several forms and interfaces. Dashboards answer to several questions of the organization and are addressed to various types of audience. Once an enterprise has identified a requirement for dashboard, managers must undergo the method of defining what they are going to include in their dashboard. In the case study is created a dashboard for sales analysis of an enterprise, using Power BI.

Keywords: Dashboard, Data visualization, Power BI, MySQL, Business Intelligence.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10596

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