Abstract: Power requirement of the world are ever increasing. In order to fulfill these, it is essential to discover new energy sources or rather improve the existing techniques for extracting maximum energy. The Wind Tree is a concept that uses the helical blades for generation of electric power. The helical blade is Omni – directional which means it is capable of rotating irrespective of the wind flow. The aim of the project is generating electricity by means of small wafts of air that circulate around the buildings and streets with the help of aero leaves. Multiple number of leaf shaped aero leaves can be place in the form of tree and called as wind tree. Wind Tree uses tiny blades placed in the aero leaves to generate power from wind energy.  Despite of the wind being fluctuating in nature; the turbine is capable of generating electricity 24*7 as a small waft of air is sufficient to rotate this turbine.

Keywords: Eco-friendly, efficient, cheaper, wind tree

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9409

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