Abstract: As we are seeing much better growth in technology but we don’t see that its level is being properly utilized in the voting system. The present voting system is highly unsecured and it’s not efficient in utilizing the current technology i.e., It can’t determine that the person who come for voting is eligible or not, it just depends on the voting in-charge officer in the booth. Here there is also a possibility to boost the vote number as the vote count lies within the piece of equipment and if the in-charge officer is corrupted, he has the chance to do it, even while transporting the machines to the strong room. Hence we can’t rely on it any more. In the projected system, i.e., “Global wireless e-voting system”, machine is made smart that it can find out whether the voter is qualifiedfor voting or not with the help of scanning the eye pattern of the voter and also the vote count is not maintained in the machine itself .Vote count is made to be stored in a remote server by converting them into radio waves. Hence there won’t be any scope of escalating the vote count. Even the machine fails; there won’t be any problem to the votes that are casted as they are saved in the server. By this we can reduce many problems regarding the present EVM’s.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12596

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