Abstract: Today ICT era, computer plays a vital role in all organizations. Most of the organization makes computers as compulsory for all because using computing resources to perform a multitude of tasks, including work, research, teaching and learning. As computer system increasing so the amount of energy conservation and the carbon contents are increasing in atmosphere. Measure being taken to reduce the problem superficially called “green computing”. So the IT department uses the most of power which in turn is an excessive amount of overhead for a business as well as a source for toxic waste. Making IT “Green” can not only save money but help save our world by making it a better place through reducing and/or eliminating wasteful practices and using nontoxic materials. This study is briefly explain about Green which include what is Green Computing, Why Green Computing, How to make IT into Green and their approaches, and the implementation of Green computing.

Keywords: Green IT, Green Computing, Recycling, Virtualization

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8105

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