Abstract: Security is the main concern in any web application or apps. To ensure security, biometric systems are used for higher security system. Usually many of the security-based devices use fingerprint authentication for access. Fingerprint recognition-based devices have a large demand for security concerns. In the realm of web applications and software systems, security remains a top priority. Biometric authentication, particularly fingerprint recognition, has emerged as a reliable method for ensuring robust security. However, the need for direct fingerprint contact or passwordentry in some portals and software systems poses challenges. Authentication plays a critical role in system control and security, but the physical unavailability of individuals due to remote work or other circumstances limits the effectiveness of fingerprint-based authentication. To overcome these limitations, this paper proposes the adoption of contactless biometric systems, specifically face recognition technology, as an alternative authentication method. By leveraging face recognition, users can authenticate themselves without physical contact, offering a secure and convenient means of accessing sensitive information. This solution addresses the drawbacks of traditional fingerprint-based systems and enhances security in login systems. By embracing contactless biometric authentication methods like face recognition, organizations can not only mitigate the challenges associated with physical unavailability but also enhance security and user experience. This paper highlights the importance of incorporating face recognition technology as an alternative authentication method in login systems, providing improved security and accessibility in various applications.

Keywords: Face recognition, contactless , security, authentications

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125286

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