Abstract: Hand gesture recognition has been a very interesting aspect in the field of Human Computer Interface due to its flexibility and user friendly. The gesture recognition technique is being used to develop different types of system to develop communication among disabled people or a system for controlling a device. Major challenges for developing a efficient hand gesture recognition techniques are non – uniform backgrounds, difference in the size and shape of user’s hand, different hand gesture types such as static and dynamic gestures.
Mouse plays a very important role as an input device in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI). There have been different techniques introduced to replace the functionalities of mouse. Different methods such as using hand gloves, coloured finger tags, accelerometer, Gyroscope, Bluetooth, etc. In the system we are using different types of dynamic gestures to replace the mouse functionalities without using any type of external devices and using only the system camera with the help of mediapipe and opencv.

Keywords: Hand Gestures, keypoints, Mediapipe, OpenCV

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11737

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