Abstract: This project is based on safety measures of vehicles.It is inspired by the daily observations while driving at night related to the headlight conditions of the rear vehicle which causes dazzling in the eyes of the driver in the front vehicle.With increase in number of vehicles comes increase in number of road accidents, though the automobile sector have achieved a huge margin on reducing the number of accidents by advancing the safety systems in the vehicles still one major cause of accidents ( also the most common cause. ) is the blinding vision of the driver while night driving due to the headlight of the approaching vehicle or the vehicle behind. Human eyes are very sensitive to the light, if eyes suddenly comes in contact with the light after darkness, cornea present in eyes gets contract i.e. vision gets blank and require some time to recover the vision. Due to which while night drives the upper mode of other vehicle blinds the vision of the driver which in many cases leads to some deadly accidents, to overcome the issue a Headlight Automation System has been introduced which will surely contribute in making night drive safe. The circuit, working and need of the system is briefly discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Microcontroller,Ultrasonic Sensor(HC-S04),Led,Headlight,etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9912

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