Abstract - With the expanding populace of India, expanding rate of birth, and diminishing passing rate, the quantities of clinical specialists are less to serve the need of the expanding populace. This situation can be better perceived while strolling through the regional's administration emergency clinics where the less accessibility of specialists is the significant reason behind the ill-advised treatment of the patients and in specific situations the resultant demise. From the such experiences, there is a requirement for the shrewd and Intelligent chat-bot who can give exhortation like specialists and eventually brings about the saving the existences of many individuals virtual partners can assist patients and suppliers with a large group of clinical related undertakings. However, there is an issue when you are fostering a chat-bot in a different nation like India it practically difficult to convey in one language. For that we developed a health care chat-bot that can interact in the regional Telugu language and common English language.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Chat-bot, Health service, Virtual assistants.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10660

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