Abstract: Health Care System is a web application developed for hospitals to manage staff data and patient's data effectively. A Chatbot is software that authorize you through start a conversation between the user and the system. It is AI based software that can be set up as web applications. Normally users don’t know about the whole symptoms of a particular disease. Chatbot is question answering system that uses NLP. Chatbots are making a mark in the stream of medicine and provide an actual method to handle patients of medical organizations.
Medical chatbots can conduct one-on-one conversations with patients and evaluate each patient’s individual requests. Project’s goal is to analyze the existing e healthcare system that involves a novel human – machine interaction and proposes an alternative system: A Chat Interface that is designed and instructed to react and interact with patients as a human being. Also, the Patient can book an appointment with the physician.

Keywords: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Disease Prediction, Health Tips, Doctor’s Appointment, Chatbot, Healthcare.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10583

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