Abstract- Online Health with Medicine Management is a system that practically concentrates on the associative standards of the medical diagnosis. The application increases in its size through the database, as the research activity increases within the organization. The present application concentrates on the relative information that has been stored at the level of the organization while the system is under the process of execution. To keep the latency of the system at the lowest profile the system manages all the information in SQL Server database, to keep at least of the database standards that are exists at the industrial level. The application has been developed using the Java technologies to keep pace with the present trends of the industrial requirements. The different standards of the Java technology have been adapted to cater to the standards like intranet based standards and browser specific user interfaces the Java MySQL database connectivity has been exploited for the database interactive standards. In this system provide computerized data storage facility. We can search easily any record. The new system requires less time for completion of any work. All the stock of medicine is update automatically in the new system. The system is user friendly and anyone having computer knowledge can handle it easily. Suitability for computerized data entry. Maintaining stock, Supplier information, Customer information & bill information are easy.

Keywords- Doctor, Patient, Medicine, Prescription

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11445

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