Abstract: Heart attack is a major death causing disease that can risk in patients lives. If a person is affected by cardiac arrest then the only option is to give medical treatment as soon as possible. What if the patient is a single resident of a house that there is no one there to help him in case of any emergencies. So what if an android Smartwatch is able to detect the heart rate of a person, detect any abnormalities that are happening with his heart. What if the same watch sends notifying messages to the close personalities of the patient whenever he needs them. We are planning to make this alive.

A system that could read the heart’s blood pressure rate, respiratory rate, temperature of the body and the pulse rate simultaneously to analyze the condition  of the heart. Notify the patient about his condition. Notify the doctor about his patients condition and notify his children. The system uses Internet of Things to connect and systemize the working of the sensors and the detectors. Actually four types of sensors are being used : they are: pulse rate sensors, blood pressure sensor, respiratory sensor and temperature detector. These sensors and detectors simultaneously work together to monitor the hearts condition. Then the detailed results can be checked by using the mobile application

Keywords: Heart attack, Atmega Microcontroller, WiFi module, Internet Of Things (IoT)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8237

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