Abstract: In today’s modern world cardiovascular disease is the most lethal one. This disease assaults an individual right away that may make surprising ramifications for the human life. So diagnosing patients accurately on time is the most testing task for the medicinal crew. The coronary illness treatment is very high and not reasonable by the vast majority of the patients especially in India. The examination extension is to build up an early forecast treatment utilizing information mining advances. Nowadays every hospital keeps the periodical medical reports of cardiovascular patients through a few clinic management gadget to manage their health-care. The data mining techniques namely decision tree and random forest are used to analyze heart attack dataset where classification of more common symptoms related to heart attack is done using c4.5 decision tree algorithm, alongside, random forest is applied to boost the certainty of the classification result of heart attack prediction. In this system various data mining technologies are applied to make a proactive approach against failures in early predictions diagnosis of the disease. We proposed an automated system for medical diagnosis that would enhance medical care and reduce cost. Our intent is to provide a ubiquitous service that is both feasible, sustainable and which also make people to assess their risk for heart attack at that point of time or later.

Keywords: Storke prediction, Random forest algorithm, KNN, ANN, C4.5 algorithm.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9640

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