Abstract: Mortality rate increases all over the world on daily basis. The reasons for this could be increase in the numbers of patient with cardiovascular disease. When considering death rates and large number of people who suffers from heart disease, it is revealed how important early diagnosis of heart disease. Traditional way of predicting Heart disease is doctor’s examination or number of medical tests such as ECG, Stress Test, and Heart MRI etc. Nowadays, Health care industry contains huge amount of heath care data, which contains hidden information. This hidden information is useful for making effective decisions. Computer based information along with advanced Data mining techniques are used for appropriate results. Neural network is widely used tool for predicting Heart disease diagnosis. In this paper, a heart disease prediction system which uses artificial neural network backpropagation algorithm is proposed. 13 clinical features were used as input for the neural network and then the neural network was trained with backpropagation algorithm to predict absence or presence of heart disease with accuracy of 95%.

Keywords: Heart Disease; Artificial Neural Network; Cleveland Database; Data Mining and Machine Learning

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8119

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