Abstract: It might have happened such a lot of times that you just or somebody yours would like doctors facilitate right away, however they're not obtainable thanks to some reason. The heart disease Prediction application is a user support and on-line consultation project. Here, we tend to propose a web application that enables users to induce instant steerage on their cardiopathy through an intelligent system online. The application is fed with numerous details and also the heart disease related to those details. The application permits user to share their heart connected problems. It then processes user specific details to see for numerous health problem that might be related to it. Here we tend to use some intelligent data processing techniques to guess the foremost correct illness that might be related to patient’s details. Supported result, they will contact doctor consequently for any treatment. The system permits user to look at doctor’s details too. The system may be used without charge heart disease consulting online.

Keywords: Naive Bayes classifier, heart disease prediction, Python, Machine learning

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11455

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