Abstract: CDNs on clouds normally communicate with authenticated subscribers using HTTPS to provide privacy and data integrity. The SSL private key is the most critical component in secure communication, and it can be even more important than the protected content itself. The key challenges are a) how to provide security guarantees so that the SSL private key and the content can be stored onto untrusted public clouds and b) how to allow CDN nodes to provide autonomous and effective data transfer over HTTPS encrypted connections, with possible SSL acceleration for better performance. To solve the issues, Effective Hierarchical Key Management System caches both the data and the SSL private key onto the cloud-based CDN nodes using a hierarchical key distribution scheme and ECC algorithm that leverages the cloud distributed infrastructure with trustful fidelity and hardware assistance. The proposed method consists of a Key Distribution Center (KDC), large-range distributed Key Sub- Centers (KSCs) and Backend Caching Services, such as web content caching or in-memory data caching and also the session key establishment center. The key challenge is how to avoid the additional communication between the CDN node and the key server. A good solution is to cache the private keys in CDN nodes to comply with the elasticity principle, and at the same time, guarantee the security of the cached keys on clouds.

Keywords: Public Key Infrastructure

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11818

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